DAYSEVEN projects IS A LEVEL 2 B-BBEE GROUP COMPANY focused on providing cross sector project related services.

our current suite of services includes: project identification, development, execution & Management, business process management, and construction & engineering works.

project management services

Our team uses World Leading Project Management Methodologies, and modern tools to provide cutting edge services and stay relevant and competitive. We currently focus on the Construction and Engineering Sectors offering our full range of services


business process management

With organisations constantly seeking efficiencies and streamlined process, we assist and support our clients to; Assess, Understand, Re-design Processes and achieve efficiency.

As part of our Business Process Management (BPM) services, we engage clients across multiple sectors and ensure that their current, and/or future, processes are well integrated and in line with global industry standards.


construction works

DaySeven Projects currently holds CIDB ratings of 1GB (General Building Works) and 1CE (Civil Engineering) and is rapidly growing within the construction sector by developing, leading and executing projects across multiple sectors, in Sub-Saharan Africa. DaySeven Projects has grown from humble beginnings and has become a key business unit within DaySeven Group.

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