DaySeven Healthcare Solutions is a newly formed subsidiary of DaySeven Group. We offer an integrated set of Products and Services that are solutions-driven and targeted to solving some of Sub-Saharan Africa’s Healthcare challenges.



Our services are divided into 2 broad categories as follows:

  • Digital Healthcare solutions such as; Clinic/Hospital Management, and Data Collection, Management & Analytics amongst others. These are linked to solutions that are developed by DaySeven Technology
  • Development of Community-based, and driven, approaches and solutions. The focus of this is to address the shortage of access to appropriate healthcare services in marginalised communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. These services are linked to the work driven by DaySeven Foundation
  • Abandoned/Under-performing Clinic Refurbishment Programmes (CRP) focusing on rural and remote clinics




DaySeven Healthcare Solutions also aims to be come a premier supplier of affordable, quality healthcare products across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our range of products include:

  • Clinic/Hospital Consumables
  • Cleaning & Sanitation Chemicals
  • Basic Medical Equipment



As part of developing capacity in the healthcare sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, we have plans to expand our offerings in the future to cover aspects such as;

  • Training of Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and Community Workers on the fundamentals of community based, and driven, healthcare. This will include topics such as: Basic Sanitation, First Aid, Child and Maternal Healthcare, and Caring for vulnerable individuals.
  • Continuous research on key challenges affecting Sub-Saharan Africa and working together with Government and Private Sector to develop Africa-Centric solutions for the Healthcare sector.
  • Stakeholder engagement  on appropriate policies, and funding to proactively address healthcare challenges based on need  rather than reactively to epidemics and pandemics.