The Afrika Nerds Programme has been developed by DaySeven Technology to encourage, and develop interest in, using technology to solve African challenges. The programme was developed to address a gap in the African market where solutions are developed in isolation of the challenges we face.


As part of DaySeven Technology, Afrika Nerds will be involved in a number of activities to drive the African Development Agenda. Our activities will include:

  • Coding Boot Camps – Each Boot Camp will address a strategic challenge faced by African countries aligned to SDGs
  • Data Collection and Analytical Methods for Development  – Supporting delivery of SDGs and Agenda2063
  • CodeCons to engage African youth on the challenges they face and identify potential solutions
    • Johannesburg – 2019
    • Nairobi –  2019

Afrika Nerds will also manage and run DaySeven Technology’s annual Code4Afrika programme that targets youth between the ages of 12 to 16 years old. The Code4Afrika programme is aimed at developing a calibre of youth who understand the unique challenges faced in Africa and the need to adopt appropriate technology solutions to address these challenges.

The Code4Afrika programme is a result of cumulative work that has been done together with our partners over the past few years. It is part of one of our flagship programmes; “Looking To The Future: Tomorrow has Changed” which is a series of roundtable discussions and presentations that has been going on through 2018. The series aims to promote the inclusion of African youth in determining the future that they want for Africa and how they can be actively involved.

The proposed Code4Afrika programme is based on the current, and future, need that is currently faced by most African countries; to also develop a current, and future, generation of youth who have the requisite skills and understanding to drive the development of the African continent, to develop African youth into multi-skilled and multi-faceted individuals capable of competing on the world stage, and to create sustainable employment opportunities for African youth.

As such, the Code4Afrika programme has been designed to engage youth attendees on the current, and future, African dynamics and how coding can provide a solution for day-to-day challenges faced on the continent. Code4Afrika is a programme that is designed to be holistic in it’s approach rather than only focusing on coding as the key element.